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Exterior Solutions is a professional landscape management and service company, guided by a management team with over thirty years of experience in the industry. Our quality and experience is evidenced by the list of clients and their properties, which we develop and maintain.


We are a group of professionals, knowledgeable in the areas of horticulture, construction, and management. Your project demands service and attention, and will be maintained with this in mind. Our uniformed technicians follow a specified program on an annual basis to ensure this level of quality and service.


It is a requirement for a Supervisor to be English speaking and to have a minimum of five years landscape experience as well as a strong background in construction and horticulture. Our production/construction personnel are let by our Operations Manager and Supervisors who oversee each crew. Each crew is made up of a foreman and three to five crew members, all of which are in uniform and bonded.













Our fleet of vehicles is company identified and is operated by approved supervisors. Supervisory and management vehicles are cell phone equipped. All equipment is serviced in house and backup equipment is available if necessary.

Our Vision

In 1990 a new focus and image was created to provide a service oriented garden program for residential and commercial projects.


To this day, we are evenly balanced between the two markets providing annual care, design, landscape construction and renovation.

Did you know?
  • Exterior Solutions maintains 67.87 acres of turf and planting beds

  • We install 500,000 holiday lights each year

  • Our average length of service with current customers: 9.5 years

  • Our longest continuous contract: 24 years

  • Average employment term with our employees:  15 years

  • We plant over 42,000 seasonal color plants/bulbs each year

  • We have a fleet of 20 vehicles

  • We have 10 full time crews

  • We recycle 1170 cubic yards of grass clippings, tree limbs, etc.

Pete Heres, President

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